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Coffee Interest Survey

Coffee Interests

What coffee subjects and areas are you most interested in?

Please check all that apply. And stay tuned. From time to time, we share the results of this survey with our subscribers so you can get an idea of the interests of others in our coffee community at the Gourmet Coffee Zone.

Again, please check all that apply.

1. Coffee Tasting

Develop your coffee tasting palette. Learn more about tasting coffee, tasting characteristics, tasting vocabulary, and tasting technique. The goal is to expand and open up our enjoyment of the full range of exciting coffees out there.

Coffee Tasting
2. Espresso coffee

Learn how to make great espresso - its harder than it looks. What makes a great espresso. Talk about espresso equipment, techniques, how-to tutorials, and more. Once we bring that espresso machine home, many of us struggle through the learning curve to actually start producing great shots. Hey, but its worth it.

3. Baristas

Are you a barista at a coffee establishment? Are you a home barista? Are you interested in developing your barista skills? Talk about pulling great shots of espresso, grinding, tamping, frothing milk, making espresso drinks, latte art? Want to talk about finding barista contests and championships? Attending these events is a lot of fun and interesting. Recommend your favorite coffee houses where the baristas are the best?

Barista interest
4. Coffee Industry

There is a lot going on in the coffee industry. Current coffee news, trends, developments, and more. Let us know if you are interested in what's going on in the coffee industry. We tend to lean toward the specialty coffee industry, but if something is newsworthy, we like to talk about it.

Coffee Industry
5. Coffee Beans

We taste and sample coffee beans every week. And recommend our favorite findings. We'd love to hear your feedback as well. What are your favorite coffees that you have enjoyed recently. Reviewing and rating coffee beans goes along with the "Coffee Tasting" area. To clarify, "Coffee Tasting" has to do with developing your tasting palette, vocabulary and technique. "Coffee Beans" has to do with reviewing and rating and sharing our experiences with specific coffees that we're enjoying. But we use the tasting vocabulary to describe a coffee so "coffee tasting" and "coffee beans" go hand in hand.

Coffee Beans
6. Coffee Houses

Talk about our favorite coffee houses. Where's the best espresso. Any great in-house roasters nearby? Who really knows their beans. Where's a great cup of drip. Share your experience and tell us about your favorite coffee houses that you like to visit. It's our goal to build up a directory over time with your help. We think this is a lot of fun to share and talk about great coffee houses that offer the kind of experience we're after.

Coffee Houses
7. Starbucks

We do see a fair amount of Starbucks interest. Hey, we like Starbucks too. While we're about a serious coffee experience, we're not complete coffee snobs either. And we don't forget that many of us are initially drawn to our love of great coffee through the Starbucks coffee culture. If you want to talk about Starbucks, Starbucks drinks, Starbucks culture, and anything to do with Starbucks, let us know.

8. Product Reviews

We use a lot of different coffee products and equipment. Coffee makers, burr grinders, blade grinders, espresso machines, and lots of associated coffee gear including tampers, storage containers, frothing cups, thermometers, etc. Are you interested in these product reviews? And we get a lot of good feedback from you about your experiences with the products you are using as well. Hey we can't afford to buy everything out there. This can be a helpful community activity for everyone.

Product Reviews
9. Coffee Tutorials

Are you interested in tutorials and how-tos? How to grind coffee, how to brew coffee, how to make great espresso, how to froth milk, how to use a coffee press, how to order espresso drinks, and so forth. There's so much to learn, but developing skills and techniques makes it fun, and enhances our enjoyment of coffee.

10. Fair Trade and Organic Coffee

Hey, some of us just want to enjoy great coffee, and we're not so much concerned with how the coffee gets to the cup. Others may have a sense of social obligation and are concerned about the coffee growers and farmers getting fair treatment out there. And of course, the environment. Commercially grown coffee can have dramatic impact on the environment, but how much do you want to pay for coffee? And organically grown coffee, free of pesticides, has health implications. Not a value judgement. Just want to know if you are interested in these subjects of fair trade, and organic coffee? It can be controversial and there is certainly lots to talk about.

Fair Trade and Organic Coffee
11. Other

OK, that's a lot of coffee subjects. And if you checked all of them, then you're probably a coffee fanatic like we are. But there is so much to cover, so please let us know if there are other coffee subjects you are interested in and would like us to talk about? Leave your feedback here.

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