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The Delicious Holiday Coffee Gift That Supports Our Troops

For Coffee Lovers Everywhere, Here's the Perfect Fresh Roasted Coffee Gift that Will Warm Your Heart!

Boca Java has created a wonderful program that supports our soldiers. In 2003, they started donating coffee to the troops. The program was an overwhelming success and in July 2005, they officially established Operation Million Cup as a terrific way for customers to enjoy great coffee, fresh-roasted to order, and send a generous, truly appreciated coffee donation to the troops at the same time.

Well, it's almost 2008 and now it's Operation 5 Million Cups! So far, over 4,350,576 cups have been donated.

Boca Java Matches Every Donation

For every donation you make, Boca Java matches matches your donation every time!

Personalize It

To send a special 'thank you', you can include a personal message with your donation. Your personalized note will be included with the order shipped to the troops.

Here's how it works

Order any four coffee blends or flavors from the great selection of Boca Java coffees. They will roast your coffee to order, just for you, and pack in 8-oz. stay-fresh bags delivered to you in about a week.

When you place your order, two 8-oz. bags of coffee will also be delivered to our troops in your name. There is no further obligation, but if you choose to continue to receive coffee and donate to the troops, you will receive a monthly notification to confirm delivery of your coffee (or tea) selections, and two more 8-oz. bags of coffee will be delivered to the troops.

Operation 5 Million Cup
Order Your Boca Java Fresh-Roasted Coffee Gift Today!

Boca Java is great Coffee!

They only use the best beans in the world - the top 8% specialty grade Arabica beans and roast them to order, just for you. It is this unique process that consistently delivers the best tasting coffee you'll ever drink. Once you try Boca Java, you won't want to go back to drinking your old, stale coffee.

This Letter from a Soldier Sums it Up!

From: Steve Wadleigh
Sent: Monday, August 08, 2005 7:42 AM
Subject: thank you

I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you all know I got the coffee that was donated to the troops in Iraq. My name is Steve Wadleigh and I've been here in Iraq for quite some time. We were so happy when we saw the coffee come in the mail. I've been telling people for a week now that my wife talked to Bruce at Boca Java and he said he was sending me and my unit some coffee. We opened the boxes and handed a lot of it out and kept a few boxes in our office so we will have coffee to drink here for a while. As a matter of fact I'm drinking a cup right now and it is really good. We've been drinking Maxwell House since we got here so you can only imagine how good it was to have some real coffee. I just want to let you all know that all the guys here said thank you and it is great to know that there are people back in the states that think about us and are willing to support the troops whether you agree with this war or not. Things are going better over here in Iraq that's for sure. I don't have much time to write things are busy over here but I just want to close by saying we are making a strong difference in the people and the country of Iraq. Don't always listen to the news or what the media says because its not as bad as they make it sound. I'm proud to be here and proud to see the difference we are making everyday. Its great to have men and women and children run up and hug you and thank you for their freedom that we are fighting for. One things for sure I can't wait to return to the US and see my wife and little girl again I miss them so much. Keep us in your prayers as you and our country are always in mine. Thank you again from the soldiers in my division in Iraq.

Sincerely Steve Wadleigh


Boca Java Fresh Roasted Gourmet Coffee Makes a Perfect Gift

Coffee lovers everywhere will be delighted to receive a thoughtful, hand-picked selection of fresh-roasted coffee. This is a perfect gift idea for that special loved one, family member, friend or colleague at work. Makes an ideal corporate gift. And when you add the automatic donation to our troops in Iraq, well, how can you refuse?

We hope that you will find it in your hearts to join us in this worthwhile effort. It's a wonderful way to give something back to those special men and women who give so much for us.

Operation 5 Million Cup
Order Your Boca Java Fresh-Roasted Coffee Gift Today


Operation 5 Million Cup
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