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Coffee Origin - Countries and Regions that Grow Coffee

Coffee origin is the region or country where the coffee is grown. Each location produces beans that have unique characteristics, flavors and qualities. The soil and climate of a specific region affects the growing conditions of the coffee plant and the flavor and quality of the coffee beans.

Understanding more about coffee origin and where the best beans come from will open up a whole new dimension as you discover the many varieties of coffee beans that are available. Experience a whole new adventure by exploring the different coffees from around the world.

Coffee is a tropical plant that grows primarily in a tropical band around the globe between the tropic of cancer (23 deg north latitude) and the tropic of Capricorn (23 deg south latitude). There are about 35 countries in this band or zone around the equator that are regarded as the primary coffee producing nations.

Coffee Origin Map

Flavor Characterisitics by Growing Region

Africa and Arabia

These coffees have sweet flavors with sometimes-fruity aroma, with some tart acidity. They often combine the sparkling acidity of the best Central American varieties with interesting floral and winy components. A wide range of flavors from mellow, winy, to zesty and citrus


Americas (Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America)

These coffees are generally light to medium bodied, with a clean mouth feel and slightly sweet, lively acidity. These are some of the most popular varieties that Starbucks sells, and their balance and consistency make them the foundation for coffee blending as well.


Asia, Indonesia and Pacific

These coffees are generally at the opposite end of the spectrum from Latin American coffees. Usually full-bodied, smooth and lower in acidity. Often comprised of exotic and earthy taste elements.

For more information about fine coffees from around the world, see these descriptions of the many coffee bean varieities.

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