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Decaf Coffee

Decaf coffee is coffee that has had the caffeine removed. Caffeine, a tasteless component of coffee, is responsible for the stimulant effect that is desired by many who drink coffee. Decaffeinated coffee is not only in demand by those who want to avoid the stimulant effects of caffeine, but also consumers concerned about their health and diet. The demand for decaf coffee has grown dramatically and now accounts for more than 17% of the total coffee consumption.

There are two methods employed by the coffee industry to remove caffeine from the coffee beans. The more widely used European method is a chemical process that uses Methylene Chloride. Although the chemical process sounds harsh, it is actually quite safe and tests have not been able to detect the presence of Methylene Chloride in the coffee. It’s interesting to note that close to 80% of the decaf coffee produced worldwide is processed using this chemical process.

The other process preferred by many is the Swiss Water Method. The Swiss Water Method does not expose the coffee beans to any chemicals and is the only decaf process that is certified organic.

Decaffeination Methods

Is Decaf Coffee Safe?

Although the chemical processes used that employ solvents sound harsh, they are actually quite safe. Methylene Chloride evaporates very easily at such a low temperature, very little if any is left behind. During the roasting process, any residual methylene chloride (if any) will completely evaporate at the 400F or higher temperatures. After coffee is roasted, testing labs have been unable to detect any residual trace of chemical solvent introduced during the decaffeination process. The Federal Food and Drug administration considers both the chemical and Swiss Water methods to be safe.

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