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How to Use a Chemex Brewer

Chemex is an excellent manual drip brewing method. Peter Schlumbolm, a German chemist who immigrated to the United States, invented the Chemex coffee maker in 1941. As a chemist, he was familiar with filtration and extraction techniques, and he applied his knowledge to create a superior method of brewing coffee.

The coffeemaker design is one of those rare achievements of simplicity and functionality which takes on an elegance of its own. It was recognized by the Illinois Institute of Technology as one of the best-designed items of modern times. The Chemex brewer is also in the permanent collections of several prominent museums including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Smithsonian and the Philadelphia Museum. There are a few advantages to making coffee with a Chemex brewer.

The Water

As with any coffee brewing method, water is the predominant ingredient so always start with fresh, clean water. If your water has a bad taste or aroma, the tainted effect will be even more pronounced in the coffee you brew. If your tap water isn’t fresh or good tasting, use a water filter or bottled water instead.

You’ll need a separate tea kettle to boil the water for brewing the coffee. Always rinse out your tea kettle and start with fresh water. Don’t use water that you might have left standing in the kettle for any length of time. The ideal temperature for extracting the optimum flavor from the ground coffee is between 195F and 200F. A good technique is to bring the water to a full boil and then remove from the heat before you grind your beans. By the time you’re done grinding the beans (about 30 seconds or less), the water will have cooled down to the ideal temperature.

The Grind

For the optimum cup of coffee, always start with fresh beans. Beans quickly lose their freshness once they’re ground, so always wait to grind the beans until just before you’re ready to brew.

The Chemex filters do an excellent job of removing any sediment, so a blade grinder works fine.

The Step by Step Method

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