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Coffee blends combine coffee beans from different origins to create a unique and distinctive characteristic that may not be present in any single origin by itself. Blends can also combine similar or different origins at different roast levels to produce further interesting combinations.

Blending coffee beans is done for somewhat different reasons depending on the objectives of the roaster.

Commercial Coffee Blending

The big, scaled-up commercial roasters will take a better coffee with an appealing aroma and acidity and blend with a lesser quality grade of coffee to cut costs. Or they may blend in an even more unexciting and dull Robusta coffee to cut costs even further. The commercial roaster has an additional coffee blending challenge to create a consistent coffee over time while the underlying coffee harvests and bean selections can vary and can be difficult to control. For example, consumers who buy Folgers coffee in the supermarket expect the coffee to taste the same can after can.

Premium Coffee Blends

With premium coffees, the blender's primary goal is to create a distinctive and unique coffee through the combination of coffee beans with different taste characteristics, rather than manipulate the combination of different quality coffee beans simply to cut costs.

Coffee blending requires an expert understanding of the taste characteristics and qualities of the coffee beans. As gourmet coffee consumers, we look for the skills, knowledge and experience of the master roaster and coffee blender to produce exciting, interesting and consistent coffee blends that add to our coffee enjoyment.

When blending for taste, a common approach is to combine coffees that compliment each other or fill in characteristics that the other coffee may lack. For example, one of the world's most famous and traditional blends is Mocha Java. Yemen Mocha is a lively, fruity, winy coffee with higher levels of acidity. Indonesian Java is a smoother, full bodied coffee with deeper tones and tends to smooth out a Yemen Mocha while the Mocha tends to liven up the Java. A nice combination and complimentary coffee blend.

Blending coffee beans for espresso is very common. Pulling a shot of espresso coffee produces a concentrated cup that can amplify and exaggerate the taste characteristics of a single origin including acidity, body, aroma, finish, and bitterness, etc. Blending can bring together the strengths and characteristics of different coffees to produce a better balanced, sweeter coffee in the concentrated cup.

Here are several of our favorite and recommended coffee blends.

Green Mountain Coffee Mocha Java
Mocha Java - Green Mountain Coffee
Price: $9.49, 12 oz.
  • Classic Mocha Java blend brings the contrast of Yemen Mocha together with Indonesian Java for a unique and superb centuries old world favorite.
  • Yemen Mocha brings an African brightness and winy acidity.
  • Indonesian Java brings the sweet and syrupy body, earthier tones.
  • Lighter roast
  • Cocoa, cedar, floral and caramel notes

Mocha Java - Green Mountain Coffee, 12 oz.

Green Mountain Coffee - Espresso Blend
Dark Magic Espresso Blend - Green Mountain Coffee
Price: $9.49, 12 oz.
  • Wonderful flavor, rich, sweet and complex
  • Crafted for a sweet and intense espresso
  • A blend of single origins to produce hints of fruit, cedar, floral tones with dark chocolate notes.
  • Darker roast, nice touch of smoke

Dark Magic Espresso Blend - Green Mountain Coffee - 12 oz.

Green Mountain Coffee - Nantucket Blend
Nantucket Blend - Green Mountain Coffee
Price: $9.49, 12 oz.
  • Medium roast, rich flavor, full body, very smooth.
  • One of the most popular Green Mountain Coffee blends, favored by many customers.
  • This blend combines Indonesian coffees for sweetness, and syrupy notes with a touch of African coffees for some brightness, and berry fruit hues.
  • Perfect for every day brew, makes a delicious ice coffee, and can be used for espresso.

Nantucket Blend - Green Mountain Coffee 12 oz.

Klatch Belle Espresso from Klatch Coffee - 12 oz.
Klatch Belle Espresso - Klatch Coffee

Price: $13.00, 12 oz.
  • Awarded 94 points by Coffee Review.
  • Intense, sweet aroma of brandy, chocolate and caramel.
  • Medium body, smooth in mouthfeel.
  • Medium dark roast.
  • Rich finish, understated complexity.

Klatch Belle Espresso - Klatch Coffee - 12 oz.

Klatch French Roast Blend
French Roast - Klatch Coffee
Price: $13.00, 12 oz.
  • Blend of selective Central and South America beans.
  • Special selection of hard bean coffees that handle the dark French roast without losing their flavor.
  • Delicious sweetness balanced with a pleasant bitterness that make a French roast distinctive.
  • Creamy and even, deep rich flavor.
  • Brews a rich full bodied cup.

French Roast - Klatch - 12 oz.








Mistobox delivers premium fresh-roasted coffee right to your doorstep, hand selected from the finest artisanal coffee roasters.
Mistobox delivers premium fresh-roasted coffee right to your doorstep, hand selected from the finest artisanal coffee roasters!

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