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How To Order Starbucks Drinks With Confidence

Ordering Starbucks drinks can be a little nerve racking and confusing. If you're a new to the lingo, or you feel like the help behind the counter gives you a blank stare trying to figure out what you're asking for, then all you need is a little simple explanation. This how-to guide should come in handy.

Whether it's a deliberate Starbucks ploy, or it just simply evolved over time, there's actually a legitimate reason for the Starbucks drinks ordering lingo. In the spirit of efficient customer service, the drink order naming convention helps keep the line at the order counter moving, and helps insure you get the drink you're after.

First, the person behind the counter has to be sure they understand your order. Customer satisfaction starts with making sure you get the drink you want. There are enough variations and options ordering drinks, and its easy for the person taking your order to get it wrong.

Second, the person taking your order usually has to hand it off to someone else who will prepare your drink. Its harder and leaves more chance for error if the order person has to translate your request into something the drink maker will understand. Behind the counter, Starbucks employees need an efficient system to call out drinks consistently and accurately as they fill your order.

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OK, that's enough background and explanation. Here's how the lingo works.

Step 1. Hot or Iced Drink?

The default is hot. If you want a cold or iced drink, the first word in your drink order should be "iced".


Step 2. Coffee drinks come in four sizes.


Step 3. Choose your drink beverage


Step 4. Wet or Dry

For coffee drinks that include milk and foam, "dry" means more foam and less milk and "wet" means more milk and less foam. For even more dry, say "extra dry".

Step 5. How strong do you like your drink? Specify the number of espresso shots


Step 6. Choose the type of milk or creamer

Step 7. Extra directions


OK, let's put it all together with a few Starbucks Drinks examples.

Let's say you would like an the biggest 20oz sized iced mocha, with only one shot of espresso (instead of the standard three shots for drink that size) and without any whipped cream. Say "Iced Single Venti Mocha, No Whip".

You would like a Cappuccino in a 12 oz size, but would like an extra shot of espresso instead of the standard single shot for a hot drink that size. And you would like considerably more foam than steamed milk. Ask for a "Double Tall Cappuccino, Extra Dry".

OK, you should get the hang of it. This guide should help you with the Starbucks Drinks ordering basics. It can get a bit more complicated, but this should have you ordering the most popular Starbucks drinks with confidence.

For a helpful pictorial view, see our "Espresso Drinks Visual Guide"

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